2018 Tournament Staff 

Honorary Chair - Billie Jean King

Tournament Director - Lornie Kuhle

Tournament Committee Chairs

Lori Faierman                     Special Events
Nancy Kutner                     Online and Print Communications

​Vicki Miller                          Sponsor Services
Marty Molden                      Registration
Jill Morton                           College Forum
Marianne Werdel                Past Player Liaison

Tournament Referee
  Turhan Wilbon

Scheduling Administrator

  Eric Stephens

Chief of Officials
   Laurel Smith

Associate Tournament Staff
   Eric Kutner, Jeannie Riggs, Carol Rapp

Tournament Desk

   Lauren Rothstein

Media Consultant

  J. Fred Sidhu

Appeals Committee
   Lornie Kuhle
   Eric Stephens
   Marylynn Baker

USTA Billie Jean King Girls' 16s & 18s Nationals