USTA Billie Jean King Girls' 18 National Championships

"Where Champions Are Made"

Tournament Play

Checking in for your Match, Tournament Play, Playing in the Back Draw,  

Practice Courts, Withdrawing from the Tournament

All play will be at the Barnes Tennis Center, 4490 W. Point Loma Blvd., San Diego, CA 92107.

All courts are outdoor, hard, and lighted.

Please check back for the most up-to-date instructions as these will change. 

Checking in for your Match

You must check in personally at the Tournament Desk of your site 15 minutes before your

scheduled match time. The USTA time default procedure will be in effect.

Warm-up time with your opponent(s) is limited to 5 MINUTES and will be strictly enforced. 

Practice serves must be taken within this period.

Tournament Play

In accordance with the 2019 USTA National Tournament Regulations, singles matches are the best of 3 tiebreak sets in the main draw and best of three tiebreak sets, with a ten-point tiebreak in lieu of a third set, in the consolation draws. In doubles matches, there is a tiebreak in lieu of a third set until the semifinals when it changes to best of 3 tiebreak sets. In matches when a match tie break is played in lieu of a third set, there is a mandatory three-minute rest break, during which coaching may occur. 

The Foot Fault rule will be enforced during this championship.

Coaching of any kind by parents or personal coaches during a match will make the

player subject to a Code Violation. Parents and coaches are never permitted on the

courts during play. Any sort of unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT be tolerated. 



Playing in the Back Draw

All players that lose in the main draw of the tournament will be placed in the Feed-In Championship (back draw). The back draw is mandatory for all participants. Players will feed into the back draw through the quarterfinals. 

Withdrawing from the Tournament

If you need to withdraw from the main singles draw or back draw and/or doubles event, you must notify a Tournament Director and the Tournament Referee before leaving the facility. If the reason is due to injury or illness, you must meet with the Trainer before leaving Barnes Tennis Center to receive written verification.

In the case of personal emergency, a written explanation must be received by the final day of the tournament and determined to be valid by both the Referee and Tournament Directors.

Players failing to follow these procedures will be defaulted with no points allowed.

If a player withdraws from the main singles draw due to illness or injury, but wishes to play the Feed In Consolation draw, she must notify a Tournament Director and the Referee by 5 p.m. on the day prior to the FIC match.