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Tournament Entry

The entry process for the 2020 USTA Girls' 18s & 16s National Championships must be done online through the USTA TennisLink registration system. Entries will not open prior to June 16, 2020 and will close on Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 11:59 AM (Eastern Time).

The TennisLink page for the 2020 tournament is https://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=235819.

The tournament ID is 650006220.

Refund of Entry Fee if Withdrawing from the Tournament
No entry fee is charged if a player withdraws before entries close. By USTA rule, no refund is guaranteed after entries close. 

Important Form to Submit Before Traveling to the Tournament

USTA Medical/Media Release Form:
No player will be allowed to start a match without this form, signed by a parent or legal guardian, on file with the Tournament Committee. You may download it and fill it out prior to the tournament and e-mail it to Eric Stephens at bjkgirlsnationals@gmail.com.

Option to Enter Up to Two USTA National Championships
The USTA Regulations allow a player to enter more than one age division of a USTA National Championship. If you want to play in the Nationals in San Diego, but aren’t sure if you will get in, you may enter up to two age divisions. When tournament selection is done, players will be selected for the 18s USTA National Championship first. If you are selected for the 18s Nationals, you will not be considered for the 16s.

If you are not selected for the 18s, you will be considered for the 16s division. This is an important thing to consider before entering. If you enter two divisions and are not accepted into the older division, you can only be considered for main draw and alternate status in the younger division.  Although you can enter two divisions, you cannot play in two divisions in the Nationals. You will be selected for one division only, and if you plan to enter doubles, you must play in the age division of your singles entry with an eligible partner. In other words, you cannot play singles in the Girls' 16s and doubles in the 18s.

Selection Process

USTA National Championships: Singles Selection Process
 - USTA website

    Then select your division. 

Wild Cards   
If you are not endorsed by your Section and/or have other issues that keep you from being selected into the event, you may apply for a Wild Card entry. Up to 8 Wild Cards may be granted for the Nationals in the 16s and there are up to 8 Wild Cards in the 18s.

All applicants must be eligible to enter a USTA National Championship, be in good standing with their Sectional Association, and may not be under suspension by the USTA.  Wild card consideration is given to players who were unable to meet their section’s requirements for endorsement to USTA National Championships .  Applicants are not required to submit timely entries into the tournament to be considered for a wild card.

Submit the USTA National Championship Wild Card application.  Applications MUST be filed separately for each National Championship and submitted online no later than 5:00 pm Eastern Time five (5) days after the entry deadline for the tournament for which the Wild Card is sought.  Early application is strongly encouraged. THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR DOES NOT HAVE THE APPLICATIONS.  

Once the application deadline has passed, the USTA will confirm that the applicant is in good standing with her Sectional Association. Shortly thereafter, the Wild Card Committee will meet to determine the wild card recipients.  Only those players selected to receive wild cards will be notified.

Playing Doubles - Signing Up and Confirming

​All players desiring to play doubles should register on-line. All players must e-mail Eric Stephens at bjkgirlsnationals@gmail.com to confirm their doubles partners. Even if you selected a partner during tournament registration, we still want an e-mail from each player to verify their partner. Once you have done this and Eric has replied to your e-mail, you do not have to see him on Registration Day for doubles registration. We would like to have the doubles teams mostly set up before registration day. If you do not have a partner, we will be happy to pair you up. See below.

   In need of a Doubles Partner?

If you need a doubles partner, please use The Match! Tennis App Free Doubles Pairing Service. (If you are not already registered for the Match! Tennis App, click here and use promo code CA-15359.) Add your name to the doubles request list by clicking on the "Find a Doubles Partner" button on the tournament details page and communicate with others who are also looking for a doubles partner. This service is privatized through Match! Tennis App, so you do NOT have to share any personal contact info with others unless you choose to do so!

              AFTER YOU FIND A PARTNER, e-mail Eric Stephens at bjkgirlsnationals@gmail.com to let us know. 

If you haven't confirmed your partnership via e-mail, you must confirm your partnership with the Scheduling Administrator, Eric Stephens, during player registration at the Barnes Tennis Center (BTC).

  • Girls 16's Doubles Registration - Friday, August 2nd from 10 AM to 2 PM (only if you have not contacted Eric by email and still need a partner)
  • Girls 18's Doubles Registration - Saturday, August 3rd from 10 AM to 2 PM (only if you have not contacted Eric by email and still need a partner)

"Looking-for-a-partner" list: If you wish to play doubles and are without a partner, there will be a "looking-for-a-partner" list at the doubles check-in desk on both registration days.

USTA Billie Jean King Girls' 16s & 18s Nationals