USTA Billie Jean King Girls' 16s & 18s National Championships

"Where Champions Are Made"

2022 Practice Courts & Hitting Pros

There will be a Practice Court Desk at Barnes for sign up. It is open from 8 am - 6 pm.


  1. 4 players per court at all times, if needed
  2. Players always have priority over coaches, parents, pros for practice time
  3. One half-hour segment on unreserved courts…please use consideration for other players waiting if necessary
  4. Use the Practice Desk at Barnes for all advance court reservations. A 24-hour advance reservation policy will be in place.
  5. Players with scheduled matches have priority at all times

                View  the practice court schedule. See what courts are taken and more,

* Please note:  Courts open at 7 am at all sites for warm-up…first come, first served

Wednesday,  August 3 & Thursday, August 4

Players may reserve a court for a FEE..  8 am-8 pm
Call 619-221-9000

Friday, August 5
8 am-7pm
22 courts available on a First Come First Served basis.  4 players per court. One-hour segments.

Players have priority over Coaches, Pros, Parents.

Saturday, August 6 - Sunday, August 14

Two practice courts will be available at Barnes during the tournament.  
Players with scheduled matches will be given priority.
Reservations made in person at the Practice Desk.
2525 Bacon St.
San Diego, Ca. 92107

Friday August 5
8 am-5 pm
8 courts available on a First Come First Served Basis.  4 players per court. One hour segments.  

Players have priority over Coaches, Parents, Pros.
Courts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12 RESERVED FOR PLAYERS

Saturday August 6-Tuesday, August 9
Reservations have to be made at the Practice Desk at Barnes
24-hour advance reservations
Friday, Aug. 5
8 courts open for practice…BEGINNING AT 1 PM !!!!!
4 Players per court. One-hour segments.
Players have priority over coaches, parents, pros.

Intermittent practice times available for reservations. Check the Practice Desk at Barnes.

** Please note that the Wilson Regular Ball will be used for the tournament and is not for sale at Barnes.  Players are advised to bring their own Wilson Regular Balls for practice.

Hitting Pros

  • ​​Steve Adamson: send e-mail to

Stringing Services are available at the Barnes Tennis Center. 

To find a list of ALL tennis courts in San Diego, please go to:

(You do not need to join - simply enter San Diego as a location.)