USTA Billie Jean King Girls' 18 National Championships

"Where Champions Are Made"


Mandatory Face Masks/Coverings - Everyone is required to wear a face mask/covering while at the tournament facility and may only be removed when on court or for eating/drinking. Please come prepared with your own face masks/coverings.

Tournament Guests - Spectators will be limited. Players are permitted to bring only one guest to accompany them on-site.

Physical Distancing Practices - While at the tournament, players and tournament guests shall maintain 6 ft. physical distancing and wash hands often.

Match Balls - For match play, each player/team will be provided with their own can of balls (numbered differently). Players/teams shall only serve with their numbered balls and use their rackets (not hands) to return their opponent’s match balls. Because the match will be played with 2 cans of balls, a new can of balls will NOT be provided for the 3rd set.

Water/Ice - Players to bring their own water, equipment, etc - Players are advised to come to the facility prepared with their own water, ice, practice balls, snacks, etc. Water coolers will not be provided on-court. Also, players should keep hand sanitizer in their bag.

No handshakes post-match - Players are advised to forgo the post-match handshake. We recommend that they do a “racket tap” at the completion of a match instead.

Restrict activities while in San Diego - While we recognize that the opportunity to explore a new city and socializing with friends from across the country is generally a part of the National Tournament experience, due to the current environment created by the coronavirus, players and their families are highly encouraged to limit their activities and movements to only the tennis facility and hotel as much as possible. Be sure to follow social distancing practices when visiting grocery stores, gas stations, etc.

Travel safely - Refer to the CDC’s travel tips when driving or flying to the tournament and take into consideration the safety measure recommended.