USTA Girls' 16s & 18s Nationals

adidas Players of the Day

Each day, the USTA Girls’ Nationals Committee will choose an adidas Player of the Day. This could be a player who has survived a long, three-set match and, win or lose, has demonstrated great sportsmanship. The award might go to an unseeded player who has a great win over a seed, or that same seed who played her hardest but still was upset. The award is based equally on competitive achievement and sportsmanship.

Players of the Day will be recognized here on our website, receive a gift from adidas, and have their pictures displayed in the Player of the Day Gallery.


2016 Winners


Nathalie’s first match was at San Diego State, and she arrived to find that her opponent had a big problem -

her racquets were still in her Mother’s car, which was NOT at San Diego State.  Many players would have

let the time penalty clock run, hoping that her opponent’s misfortune would result in a default.  Instead,

Nathalie loaned her opponent a racquet so the match could start on time. For a very special act of kindness

and good sportsmanship, Nathalie is our day one adidas Player of the Day.


As the result of an administrative error,

Ayani was mistakenly withdrawn from her Girls 16s match with Imani. 

When the error was discovered, Imani had already left the site,

believing she had advanced in the tournament. After she returned and

discovered that the match would have to be played,

both she and Anani handled the situation with maturity and good

sportsmanship. The tournament has decided to make them both

our adidas Players of the Day for Day Two. 


When you’re about to pull off a big win over a seed, sometimes things get a little tense.

McCartney held three match points in the second set of her match against the third seed,

but couldn’t convert any of them. That might have been the end of the upset for many players,

but not for McCartney. She calmly went into the next game and completed the upset on her

next match point. For terrific competitive spirit and a great win, McCartney is our

Day Three adidas Player of the Day.


Whenever two seeded players play each other, there’s a chance

for a great, highly competitive match. For any number of reasons,

it doesn’t always happen. It definitely did when these two played on Day Four.

Ena was the winner, but the outcome could just have easily gone the other way.

Ena and Usue are both our adidas Players of the Day

for playing the MATCH OF THE DAY!


In describing the adidas Player of the Day Award, we often say that it might go to a highly seeded

player who is upset, but handles it with good grace.  Amber experienced that kind of an upset on

Day Five. She  fought hard, played a great match, then handled the  outcome with the kind of

sportsmanship that has earned her our adidas Player of the Day award for Day Five.


When a highly seeded player loses early in the main draw, playing in the back draw is something

they choose not to do, for any one of a number of reasons.  Caroline did lose early, but has

continued to play the grueling 2-a-day schedule in the back draw, by now having played

almost twice as many matches as the main draw players.  For this excellent example of

“finishing what you start”, Carolyn is our Day Six adidas player of the day.